Welcome to LayoutFREAK!
LayoutFREAK! is here to provide you with both pre-designed and custom designed plurk layouts for you to use.

 What I mean when I say pre-designed is that these layouts are made from wallpapers that you might use on the computer. I figured that since I love to make layouts out of wallpapers I use on my desktop, you might love to use them for your Plurk pages. 
 Not only do I equip Plurkers with pre and custom designed layouts, I also provide a personal layout coding service for those who want an exclusive, one-of-a-kind layout with all the trimmings.

This is something just for fun and to provide you with another source for plurk layouts, so have fun, browse, and come back often!

 1. Don't know what Plurk is? Follow the link → Plurk!

 2. Pre-designed layouts and images used in custom-made layouts are credited to their rightful and respectful owners for their images and designs.


 4. ALL LAYOUTS ARE FREE. All previous and future layouts are and will always be free. 

 5. The Personal Layout Coding Service is a paid service that turns images or a subject of your choosing into a personal layout, it not free.  

Did you know?
LayoutFREAK! has over 100+ FREE layouts for Plurkers!

LayoutFREAK! is run by me --Tina.