Tutorial - Add or remove your plurk creature

    This tutorial will show you a simple step in removing or adding your karma creature on your plurk profile 

Whether your karma creature is showing or not depends on if this code has or has not been added to your CSS template:

/* LOGO */
    margin:3px 0 0 5px;
background: transparent;

#dynamic_logo img{

  If you can see your plurk creature but would like to remove it, then add the code above to your CSS template
(go to edit>customize profile and add it to your CSS)

If you don't see your plurk creature and want to add it, look for the code above and delete from your CSS template

(go to edit>customize profile and look for the code above then delete it)

That's it, if you still need help with this just leave a comment or send a email.


  1. With this code can I add my own 'creature' or image? I tried to get tips from AZJazzyJ of plurk but it left my profile with a big pixelated plurk creature in front of my own image and my headers highlighted. My profile is neverknowsbest btw.

  2. @Hrin: I will post a tutorial on adding your own plurk creature/image as soon as I can

  3. Thanks guys, keep on being awesome.

  4. Hello ,

    I have a Friend who made me a Layout, its a Glossy Black and have a Tiger Picture on the TIMELINE.
    But when i pasted your Code the "Karma Creature" is still there.... Can you Help me?

  5. @Anonymous: what is your plurk profile page?

  6. how to change the font & color of the "PLURK" next to the creature?

  7. @Anonymous: Sorry, you can't change the color because it's actually a picture