Hey LayoutFREAK Fans!

  It's been a while since I've made any layouts (a little more than a half a year!), so I think it's time to make something new. I've already downloaded and started making new layouts for you guys so expect new layouts to come out soon!

Thank you guys for the continue use of my layouts!

   As some of you may have noticed, there have been a few changes to the website like the new "Like" box for facebook in the sidebar (the "Find Us on Facebook"), the pictures of the popular layouts at the top of the page have changed (there are also new popular layouts), and the layout gallery is open again, check it out here --> LayoutFREAK! Gallery

Again, I've posted a few tutorials on how to customize your layout so don't forget to check those out if you want to change something on your layout.

Since I still get a few questions on how to install a layout, here is the link on how to do it if you need it